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Jake: Ensure that it stays in your trousers, Santiago!

Jake: Ensure that it stays in your trousers, Santiago!

Season Several [ ]

  • Throughout their prisoner transfer, Jake and you will Amy consent he is simply family relations, but Amy looks troubled that Jake and you may Sophia will always be together. Jake starts flirting Amy in regards to the fact she familiar with such your.
  • Jake appear to the office a day later in order to read using Discipline that Amy became him off. Jake rushes to speak with Amy considering there is however pledge. Jake requires this lady regarding the turning down Majors. Amy says that after all of the crisis which have Teddy she doesn’t must day cops and you can Jake is actually disappointed. When he renders, Amy does the latest “double tuck.”
  • Jake and Amy meet up later in the split area. Jake is apparently chipper although they broke almost all their rules and you may killed their new head. Amy, not, thinks it is an indicator one its matchmaking try doomed and convinces Jake which they should go returning to becoming just colleagues.
  • Amy goes toward Jake when you find yourself he could be receiving treatment by the paramedics. It concur that shortly after what happened that have Figgis, these people were back in connect once again.
  • Jake and you will Amy give so you can babysit Terry’s girl, Cagney and you may Lacey as he deals with a credit card applicatoin.
  • Whenever Jake becomes away from prison Amy asks your “Should i purchase a free of charge son a glass or two?” Jake responses by claiming “I might go for a drink of these throat.” Whenever you are apologizing to own their shameful joke, Amy kisses your anyways. It is said “I like you.” to each other after.
  • Toward Thanksgiving, Jake and you can Amy want to obtain parents so you’re able to thread, even in the event Amy’s mothers try classy and you may uptight, when you’re Jake’s parents become more relaxed and you may informal. Jake and you will Amy argue about how exactly the other people’s parents is located at fault.
  • Whenever Jake asks Katie just what the woman favourite world within the Die-hard are, she’s got not a clue exactly what they are these are. Jake begins providing troubled however, Amy is there so you’re able to many times tell him it is okay.
  • The decide to nonetheless get y are quite ready to stop. Jake say “Amy Santiago, I’d y agrees to track down married at Town Hallway, but Charles, who had been eavesdropping, states it is unsuitable and you will rushes over to make certain that Jake and Amy provides a real relationships.

Jake: Amy Santiago. Do you y: Jake Peralta, I am able to y: [Big sound from rescue] Jake Amy: [Come in along with her to possess a huge kiss smooch] Amy: I really like your so much. (HalloVeen)

Operation: Broken Feather [ ]

Printing this having later. Amy: Oh, that’s wherever it’s heading. Jake: [Shakes his their lead but grins at the same time] (The fresh Tattler)

Jake: [looks at their son Mac computer] Better, i made it happen Ames, i generated the new earth’s hottest infant. Amy: State cute Jake. Jake: Nope, it guy is actually water flame. [Amy goes the lady sight in addition they one another make fun of] Crazy to trust that in just seventeen quick many years, he is going to be 6’7″ and be best write select into the Knicks. Amy: Following he could be likely to pass up you to definitely possibility to browse their genuine hobbies, collection sciences. Jake: Better, the important thing try we will help him long lasting. Although he could be a massive, huge nerd. Amy: Oh, particularly then. [both of them laugh] Jake: [sighs] Are i probably going to be ok at this? What i’m saying is this entire big date felt like a caution on world. We nearly overlooked this new birth, we’d the kids on precinct, good firefighter touched the man. Amy: I sparkling your out-of. Jake: Yeah, but I am going to constantly know. Amy: Hottie, i chatted about that it. People stability work and kids. Jake: Yeah, however, everyone’s not a policeman. Amy: Correct, but once all of our boy desires learn about the afternoon he came to be we become to share with your that his dad helped a number of some body, and you may foiled a bank robbery. [provides Mac computer so you’re able to Jake] Jake: Reckon that try kinda chill. And his mommy treated a location greater disaster when you’re actually offering delivery. Amy: I am pleased with all of our child to own your because the a dad. Jake: Me too. For you to become mom, I wasn’t merely agreeing towards nice matter your said about me. [Amy smiles lovingly at him] Amy: I enjoy you. Jake: Love you as well. (Lights-out)


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