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It guides these to the Fixer Wakako, whom actually ends up providing them with the new intel needed 100 % free of charge

It guides these to the Fixer Wakako, whom actually ends up providing them with the new intel needed 100 % free of charge

Takemura talks to V in the his propose to kidnap Hanako therefore he can display the woman the data you to definitely Yorinobu killed Sarubo. When he demonstrates to you, the only method to rating near to the woman is within the latest Arasaka parade which will be kept in the Saribo’s prize, for example they want intel into parade’s coverage.

The newest intel suggests the latest procession is on its way through Japan city, most abundant in impressive of your own parade’s screens flying large around the the city roadways. Hanako is the visitor off honor and you will be enjoying away from a drift in fact it is sailing down the street for the procession.

not, since Wakako explains, the protection will be really heavier, including snipers, video security cameras, and you may a good netrunner complimentary the whole operation.

V and Takemura make use of the shard so you can contaminate Arasaka’s safety measures before going more Takemura’s plan: First, to help violation Arasaka’s cover by the posting a virus on Arasaka’s commercial playground, after that Takemura will book V towards the place of three snipers inside the parade he will need to remove, and finally to recapture Hanako of the lady float.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tale Realization

First, although, V resumes his activity to get hold of brand new Voodoo Men. They are come provided a method for the, which involves appointment a person named Placide and you may completing a concert for your in return for ending up in the chief, Julliette. V check outs the Pacifica area and you will eventually walks on a funeral service prior to are led so you’re able to Placide.

Placide up coming V which have splitting for the a competition gang’s stronghold named GIM (Huge Imperial Shopping center), uploading a trojan so you’re able to an effective van laden up with complex Netwatch technical (Netwatch try a good policing force that supervises the internet), right after which taking out The new Animal’s netrunner.

V seems to eliminate all this from, but immediately following speaking with this new netrunner he drops involuntary. Whilst looks like, the brand new Voodoo Men had been securing a document fortress away from Netwatch’s spying eyes, including protecting Brigitte who had been becoming stored by the him or her.

But the moment V offered her or him access to the community it burnt all representatives in the area. Since V was attached to the netrunner, he had been also almost murdered. Placide actually had not banked for the V surviving and that is shocked to help you after that get a hold of V, that is definitely frustrated he was build.

Since the a couple dispute, Brigitte then appears and declares the girl intent to aid V by the inspecting the fresh chip inside their investigation fortress, brand new crypt, that is in hide-out. Brigitte explains the brand new crypt included in the dated interconnected electronic community –brand new transcontinental maglev program– that used to get in touch most of the countries through to the war.

Brigitte after that teaches you that the Voodoo Guys need to have the engram to help you get in touch with Alt Cunningham, brand new create out-of exactly who still lifetime not in the Blackwall.

They believe Alt is the just person that will help them score secure passage from the Blackwall, which they attention as they faith things out-of outside the Blackwall will quickly emerge so you can ruin everyone.

The Voodoo Men & Fulfilling Alt

V lies to the a frost bath and you can would go to see Bridgette from the Voodoo boys’ study fortress. V then relives certainly one of Johnny’s recollections that requires Alt.

The two features an argument after the certainly one of Johnny’s shows prior to he could be sprang because of the goons who knock-out Johnny and you may abduct Alt. Johnny after that wakes to your a great Ripperdoc’s settee –Milt Naumen– after having been brought there of the a media kid named Thompson.

Thompson demonstrates to you one Alt was the mark together with goons have been leased by Arasaka. Jonny insists he had been the genuine target, nonetheless it seems the guy doesn’t’ appreciate that Alt is among the most Night City’s better netrunners and you may an appealing target getting Arasaka.


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