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I have not even finished the course, but have already received compliments on my Excel skills at work

I have not even finished the course, but have already received compliments on my Excel skills at work

Having a deeper understanding of Excel has allowed me to produce a better work product more efficiently. I am excited to try the other courses offered!

The explanations are clear and helpful for me as a beginner. I especially like the access to Macabacus, I think that’s a nice touch. I hope to be able to put what I’ve learned to good use when I make a move to go into the restructuring space.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with this course. I’ve been able to attain a level of proficiency in Excel I never thought I would have. I’ve recommended this course to several friends and co-workers, I can’t say enough good things about WSP. I believe this course will help to set me aside as a proficient user of Excel, and to differentiate me from my peers. Very few people at my place of work can use Excel above a basic level, so I think I will noticeably stand out.

I’m just starting out as a 1 st year analyst right out of undergrad and I’m looking to become more proficient in Excel so that I can get my tasks done quicker and more accurately. The course is very informative and easy to understand. I am a visual learner so getting to watch you in Excel really helped me understand the concepts, tricks, and formulas myself

The courses have definitely been challenging, but I have learned so much from them. From understanding the theory behind what I am doing to navigating efficiently around excel, I already have a much deeper understanding.

The course essentially provided me everything I needed to develop a solid base of accounting that I have continued to build off of. I thought the course was phenomenal! I enjoyed the Excel-based assignments, because those were the most applicable to the actual job (both for Investment Banking and Private Equity).

My main goal was developing Wall Street ready skills to transition from the Buyside to the Dealside. A banker from a middle-market in Atlanta recommended WSP (they use the platform to train incoming analysts).

I am starting an MBA program in the fall with the ultimate goal of being a buy-side equity research analyst, so I need to refresh my modeling skills before starting the recruiting process.

The course was great. I’ve already started to put it into practice so I won’t forget anything that was t working on so this helps in my development objectives and I can assist colleagues in some of their day to day functions.

I know now that I want to focus on small to medium companies, in the renewable energy sector and either agro industry or light manufacturing. Thank you for a great service/package!

I’m sort of an atypical financial executive in that my training is in medicine, and I achieved a leadership role in my shop via a different route than the normal B-school to analyst to director pathway. I’m something of a self-starter, but I felt that I needed a more complete understanding of business accounting, so this was perfect for me.

I’m going to apply for financial analyst roles in the buy side/sell side industry and I wanted to acquire more confidence in those areas of expertise. I also wanted a recognized certificate to be able to signal recruiters my knowledge.

I think the Premium Package is really helping me to learn more and more about financial analysis. In my opinion, this course is a must for finance students.

The deciding factors in choosing WSP over other courses were that WSP had great reviews and the other options I was considering did not have the LBO class in their premium package, and no test at the end of the class.

This course allows me to create dynamic spreadsheets at a much quicker pace than before

I think the course is great, breaks down well, and it’s easy to pace my self with my busy schedule.

I am an associate at an early stage PE/VC firm, and I bought the course because I was looking to sharpen financial modeling skills for work.

The deciding factor when choosing WSP was the structure of the course was the main thing. Its easy to follow. I liked the course, I’ve learned so much, however I wish there was a course specifically for Mac users.

I like the fact the Corality/Mazars uses WSP for delivery of online content, as our firm engages Corality to for quite a lot of our in-house training, so I am hoping there will be some shared methodologies between the two providers.

My main goal when taking the accounting crash course was to get up to speed on reading and understanding corporate financial reports for my MBA program. I enjoyed the course, it was extremely helpful and felt it explained financials clearly and in the right amount of depth. The course has absolutely helped to advanced my professional goals, it was an excellent.

I really believe that WSP does a great job in clearly explaining difficult subjects as well as teaches both students and working professionals very useful modeling techniques. Many of the modeling techniques that I have learned through the courses I have used in my career. Extremely useful and I wish I took the course prior to my first job in restructuring.

I’m in the interview process for a research associate position on the real estate team at a major Canadian bank and I wanted to have a high quality report on a REIT ready as example of my work

My main goal for the basic package was to get more familiar with financial modeling. I wanted to get more training than what some of my past internships provided and hopefully help me get a full time offer. I have tried other training companies who have provided me so much information it has been overwhelming, I liked your style of teaching much better and enjoyed the shorter videos. The course has made me more confident in interviews.

I liked the short, focused modules that allow me the follow material in my own order and review as/when I need to. The material is quite thorough and well put together.

I wanted to improve my knowledge of formulas/functions within Excel to increase application efficiency. The self-study, online format was effective. Material progressed from easiest content to more difficult. I had no formal training in excel/modeling, so this course has progressed my capabilities in a professional application.

I purchased the Premium Package to gain greater exposure and understanding of the modeling process. The material is broken down into manageable payday loans Nebraska segments with supporting documents corresponding to each lesson. It was very easy to work through the material at my own pace. The skills I have gained will allow me to take on a broader range of projects as well as further develop my financial skills.


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