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Even with her tendency to show patience and you can gathered, she will become quite daunting and forceful whenever she wishes

Even with her tendency to show patience and you can gathered, she will become quite daunting and forceful whenever she wishes

Robin face Black Maria whenever Sanji label the lady to own help and you can just do it fighting her having Black colored Maria claim she end up in Kaido and that she deny in response.

Nico Olvia

Nico Olvia is Robin’s mom [29] and although the two ran for decades in place of seeing each almost every other, their mom nonetheless liked the woman deeply. She try proud of their dazing to be capable comprehend Poneglyphs within an extremely young age. The lady simply be sorry for are she try struggling to spend time which have this lady child and all sorts of Robin previously wished was to pick her once again and get with her.

Adopting the realities was verbal to the world Regulators by Clover, Olvia are met with Robin as she was being recinded lastly, just after Robin’s pleas, she accepted her reference to her. Given that Buster Name was about to begin, Spandine purchased one she be studied together, however, panicked immediately following are almost myself hit of the a surge and you may went out of. Nico Olvia is actually abandoned and you can are fundamentally reunited with her child. She hugged the girl and you will remarked that she is extremely proud of their. She after that pleaded in order to Saul for taking Robin so you’re able to safety and you can told Robin to keep to live on, to hand on the records so you’re able to someone else, and to alive this lady lifestyle for the fullest.

After the lady partner passed away, Olvia put down to the a six-year go to look into the Poneglyph plus thirty three most other archaeologists. Though she think it is unfortunate one she must leave Robin, it was anything she considered she needed to create: she kept Robin within her sister, in the wife’s, Roji’s worry. Roji is actually Robin’s brother, via wedding to help you Olvia’s sister. She hated Robin and you can mistreated the girl regarding extremely moment she stepped towards her household and you may treated the girl such absolutely nothing in short supply of a servant. [28] [33]


Even though they were connected with the girl, Robin has never been found getting this lady cousin and you can relative. Robin’s cousin are seen defending the woman up against their spouse, however, otherwise did nothing to greatly help their otherwise admit this lady just like the a member of the family. Robin also had a father, but not, she never ever realized your and his label stays not familiar. All family unit members (but Robin’s father just who passed away ages beforehand) are believed to own died at Ohara. The kids out of Ohara constantly chosen on the Robin, but are frightened of of the the girl Hana Hana no Mi powers, and youngsters in addition to their mothers do label this lady a beast because of it.

  • Just like the almost every other team players mentioned for the Sanji’s strange luck in the response to Duval’s face, Robin quipped he would possess an interesting passing one day.

This lady silence generally seems to come from her feeling of etiquette and you can individual satisfaction on of a lot occasions, she flatly does not want to take part in people decisions that would be sensed uncomfortable. She would not participate in Franky’s “Tactic No. 15” docking processes inside the competition up against Oars. How come is actually one to she think it is “embarrassing because a person are” (she even made an expected ashamed deal with, although it are significantly more obvious). She following instead flatly additional that they shouldn’t test it once more. [19]

As a result of her violent past, the woman is really merciless from inside the combat and will not shy away from using fatal force. She will split brand new necks otherwise spines of her opposition instead concern, no matter if it scream to have forgiveness, as shown when she fought Yama close to the ruins of Shandora. That is shown whenever she fundamentally forces Brook to cease joking doing and remain their factor. [21]

Immediately following she technically turned into a part of the latest crew, Robin is shocked from the Luffy’s involvement with specific some one such Shanks, Monkey D. Garp, and you may Monkey D. Dragon. [24] [25] She noticed that he its got an appealing facts and you may try captivated by using it. [26]

Immediately after Enies Reception, Zoro and Robin totally believe one another as well as have adult nearer. Because of in addition to having equivalent characters, they’re able to tend to agree with certain things. Obtained just got one or two disputes thus far, inside the identify the brand new Southern area Bird as well as 2 age later inside the voyage in order to Fish-Child Isle, however, that has been only over away from concern.

Within the Zou, Robin, like the other countries in the team, was alarmed more than Sanji’s problem which have Large Mother. She and additionally shown knowledge of one’s Vinsmoke Friends, but didn’t come with indisputable fact that Sanji try related to her or him.

In the event that crew attempts to convince Franky to participate her or him, Robin proposes to lend her or him a hand (literally). When Franky are weeping too much, Luffy tells Robin to end, however they are amazed to see you to definitely Robin isn’t really undertaking anything anymore and you may this woman is cheerful as an alternative. Robin up coming claims one to Franky is really an imaginative child, blaming the pain for her. Franky titled the girl “our very own breathtaking historian” during their first fulfilling once couple of years. Discover an ongoing gag one to Nami and you can Robin are completely numb towards the “romance” out of Franky’s robotic productions and body (while Luffy, Helicopter, and you will Usopp are left when you look at the admiration). Ironically, these were plus the merely crewmembers that were 1st opposition regarding the Straw Hats. They were one another at some point won more than by crew’s antics, and you can enjoying how long these are generally ready to see include their own. Even after all this, Franky as well as keeps this new difference out-of are 1 of 2 crew members effective at unpleasant the girl (to the stage in which she expresses they openly) as well as Brook. While she actually is amused because of the other countries in the crew’s antics and you will sometimes gets involved, she downright declined doing “docking” means from inside the Thriller Bark claiming it was as well embarrassing. In addition, if the crew’s hearts were scrambled regarding Punk Chances arc, she shown her disgust on Franky’s facial terms and you may message when you find yourself in the Chopper’s looks. When they have been transformed back, she spoken their relief really fervently, saying she hopes they never ever happens again. Franky while doing so shows periodic hate towards morbid comments that Robin will helps make toward destroyed crewmates, like when the remainder of the staff was indeed wanting Nami, Usopp, and Chopper on the Thriller Bark. Even with all that, Robin seemingly have an almost experience of Franky, once the she will not attention him sleep on her behalf lap. [27]  From inside the Onigashima, Franky allowed Robin in order to experience that have him on the Kurosai FR-U IV, and that she cheerfully accepted just before Brook took her chair.


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