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Conrad’s silent friends have gotten to the Committee and Johnson for sure

Conrad’s silent friends have gotten to the Committee and Johnson for sure

Black’s repatriation to Canada will be much more difficult if the Order is actually removed. I wonder what their price was? It is clear that people who think about nobody but themselves endanger a society made up of the majority who have empathy for others. If Black is not kicked out the award should be renamed the DISORDER OF CANADA and present holder should turn their awards in. Another characteristic most homo sapiens have is that they take joy from having relationships. If you put concern for others, a willingness to share burdens and joy from being close to people you have the magic formula that raises certain societies to a much higher level of success and prosperity.

Canada up to the time of Herr Harper enjoyed the fruits of this special sauce. Now we are sliding under Fascist rule towards duplicating the mess the USA is in. The right doesn’t care because they has no concern for others. The young ubermen from rich families expect everyone else to pull themselves up by their boot straps like they did. The right wants no part of this burden sharing thing. Every uberman for himself and if you fall behind there is one distinct advantage. One less straggler to feed. All of Harper’s Brown Shirts are identical, they yell and bully people. Can you imagine anyone wanting to be around Herr Harper and his wide eyed 28 year old somethings? In his younger life Steve was a wimp and a loser.

Most of the output from the right consists of lies which the media duly prints without question being paid to do so

He couldn’t hack the U of T and ran away to the west. Harper’s dad got him a job as a mail sorter at Imperial Oil when he was 22. Steve started hanging around the Universty that oil built in Calgary. It seems to me that the University graduates nothing but people hooked on oil money, who want to break up Canada to better serve the oil cartel and then make a big noise about it in the paid media. Did Harper ever really graduate or are his credentials phony like the rest of him? Of course the US oil cartel funds the University of Calgary, Harper’s Fascists, Danielle’s Wild rose Oil Party, the Fraser / Howe / Manning Institute [ all charities operating on your dollar ] and a whole host of journoshills in the media.

As you know I keep files on all of these comings and goings. I can say without fear of contradiction that NOT ONE OF THE PEOPLE INVOLVED ABOVE HAS EVER PRODUCED ANYTHING THAT WOULD HAVE OR WILL BENEFIT CANADA. The Republicans / Reformers / right want nothing but turmoil and their aim is to turn one citizen against another. The very thing normal brains rebel against. This La La Land universe has got Republicans in big trouble. Real Americans have real serious problems but the Republican party is sitting around spaced out and incapabled of taking action. Instead of shaking their heads loose the right travels ever deeper into La La Land.

Most of Black’s editorials in some way kiss Herr Harper’s tush, so the fix is obviously in

For the right a never ending stream of lies is all important. During his rise to power Hitler told nothing but lies. During his rise to power Herr Harper has told nothing but lies. German industrialists pooled their resources to backstop Hitler so that he could crush the unions. Once in power the Fuhrer had most of them shot and he seized their industries. The US oil cartel is funding Harper and Danielle Smith because they want control of Alberta’s oil / bitumen energy. The cartel only wants the oil resouces cheap, isn’t interested in cleaning up its’ garbage nor cutting emissions. The takeover of Canada is moving along as planned using the California model, that of being able to now thwart the will of the majority.


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